Bridging Support for Business

ORAIDC is a company built on desire, passion and entrepreneurial spirit.  Our mission is to ensure that we deliver high quality services to our clients; providing tools and systems that make their work appealing and rewarding.  We employ competent and well educated professional staff responsive to the needs of our clients and partners.   

ORAIDC organises workshops for SMEs, matches specifically skilled workers with clients saving businesses time and money, while providing its candidates with honesty and honour. This requires a high level of communication, passion and dedication asking open ended questions, listening and learning. The need for knowing local markets and regulations is of utmost importance and ORAIDC ensures that services are tailored towards clients’ regulatory requirements.

We offer our expertise and facilities to create a bridge between Africa and the UK. With our UK based African Experts, we are able to offer tailor made services to enable British businesses to gain a competitive edge in Africa. 

Contact Oraidc

Office: 02034791740
Alt: 02380740323
Telephone: +44 7809157111